Friday, December 4, 2009

Insane Book On 2012

I bought a book the other day named, "2012 AND THE RISE OF THE SECRET SECT." I made it all the way to page 86 before yelling, WTF! The "Secret Sect" proclaimed by Dr. Bob Thiel is the friggin Protestants! Not the entire Protestant body of churches, just the ones of the Nazarene beliefs (i.e. Church of Christ.) Hmm.... I wonder where his loyalty lies (no pun intended).

After coming to my WTF moment in this book, I quickly flipped to the table of contents to search for anymore words that, when strung together, would make my eyes bleed...You guessed it, Chapter 8 Barack Obama, Islam, and the End of America! Glenn that you?

Of course this 2012 book selling guru brought-up every crazy neo-con Obama conspiracy I'd ever heard of and then some AND dedicated several pages on Obama and the ANTI-CHRIST!!..Stay Classy San Diego..

I don't believe JC would call this guy a Heretic, I do think he'd say something like, Dude, WTF!!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Our Place in Time

For thousands of years, humans have observed natures Balance in Contrast, (Winter/Summer, Hot/Cold, Night/Day etc.) and have grown from these lessons. Before the Gregorian calender of today, people everywhere used the cycles of the moon to predict seasonal changes, plantings, tides and much more. Thus, the ancients concept of time was naturally cyclical, like their moon calenders and environment. When we were forced to use the Gregorian calender by the Pope in the 1500's, we lost our cyclical concept of time. Now our concept of time is linear. One straight line, as opposed to what we've observed in nature for as long as there's been sentient beings.

One person, with the stroke of a pen deemed time to be linear, and poof, it was. One person deemed that the sun orbited around the earth and anyone that disagreed was put to death. Newton chose to disregard the dogmas of his time and investigate these and other mysteries. With the help of alchemy (now called chemistry invented by Hermes latter outlawed by the Pope) and geometry (invented by Pythagoras) and trigonometry (invented by Newton himself) Newton was able to pull back the veil of nature and find truth. Talk about some spiritually liberating moments! Newton held on to his secret trigonometry for over four years before giving it to the world. Within days of his death, the outlawed alchemy was re-named chemistry, in turn making it legal.

Questioning what others "know" to be spiritually true, is always a good practice. If someone gets all their spiritual information from one book/one source, they very well could be comfortably stuck in a regional or familial dogma, not of their concious choosing.

Friday, March 13, 2009

The Stories Of Old

Esoteric knowledge (of the chosen few) has always been embedded in our religions, literature and folklore. The early mythologies of the Greece, which were later upheld by the Romans, were very esoteric. In one of the mythological stories, Zeus releases three Cyclopses from the dark pit of Tartarus. Upon the Cyclopses release they gave Zeus his thunderbolt and Poseidon his trident. The Gods used their new gifts to defeat their enemy, the Titan giants.

You would think that there was such a thing as a Cyclopse at one time, with all the stories of them out there. Well, in a way there was. A Cyclopse had the capability's of a seer, using their "middle eye" or what we would call the third eye. Today, Hindu women wear this representation of a center eye as a dot. Once these Cyclopses left the dark pit (their lack of knowledge) they were able to give "gifts" by the strength of their knowledge. Alchemy isn't about turning basic metals into gold, as the uninitiated would have you believe. Alchemy is a process that shows a person their gold (enlightenment.) The phrase, "Testing Ones Metal" is straight out of Alchemy.

King Arthur had twelve "Knights of the Roundtable." This is a representation of our twelve astrological signs. Each sign having strengths and weaknesses etc.. King Arthur's sword, the Excalibur, was originally called the Caladfwich, which is Welsh for "Hard Lightning."

Lightning was the gift the Cyclopses gave Zeus to use against the Titans. This was considered the ultimate weapon of the Gods. Even the Celtic's had the cosmic Lightning Wheel (long story.)

Another Medieval phrase, "Slay the Dragon," came about by the brutality of the Inquisition of The Church. It would have been considered heresy for anyone to pursue what we would call enlightenment during the Middle Ages. If you had somewhat of a formal education, you could find the knowledge of the ancient sages through Alchemy and ancient esoteric writings from Plato, Homer etc.. Most men that wanted this ancient knowledge would leave their villages to search for one of the regions wise men, living in the forest or local cave. These men would tell the children that they had to go, "Slay the Dragon." After spending a sufficient amount of time with the old sage of the region, the men would return home to tell of their conquest and how they "Ate the heart of the dragon" (gaining all his knowledge.)

The Ancient Wisdom Masters hid knowledge within their individual particular expertise. Be it art, literature, mathmatics, science, arcitecture, religions or just mythologies and folklore stories for the common people of the world to find and improve their metal.