Friday, December 4, 2009

Insane Book On 2012

I bought a book the other day named, "2012 AND THE RISE OF THE SECRET SECT." I made it all the way to page 86 before yelling, WTF! The "Secret Sect" proclaimed by Dr. Bob Thiel is the friggin Protestants! Not the entire Protestant body of churches, just the ones of the Nazarene beliefs (i.e. Church of Christ.) Hmm.... I wonder where his loyalty lies (no pun intended).

After coming to my WTF moment in this book, I quickly flipped to the table of contents to search for anymore words that, when strung together, would make my eyes bleed...You guessed it, Chapter 8 Barack Obama, Islam, and the End of America! Glenn that you?

Of course this 2012 book selling guru brought-up every crazy neo-con Obama conspiracy I'd ever heard of and then some AND dedicated several pages on Obama and the ANTI-CHRIST!!..Stay Classy San Diego..

I don't believe JC would call this guy a Heretic, I do think he'd say something like, Dude, WTF!!