Sunday, January 25, 2009

As We Were

As we reach the Aquarian Age of human spiritual evolution/revolution, we should keep in mind that the vibratory frenetic pace of this change will shake some off balance. Our last documented case of massive global change that put us where we are today is the story of The Great Flood which is expressed in the Bible as Noah & by the Platonist as the story of Atlantis. The Hindu Noah was named Vaiswasvata and the Babylonians held the belief of the Great Flood "and all
flesh died", except for Xisuthrus (their Noah). From the Mayans to the Polynesian islanders.

This globally documented historic event allowed us to evolve into who we are today, warts and all. From the Third World dictator to the silent Buddhist monk. From the devastation of New Orleans by Hurricane Katrina to a much needed rain in west Texas. Many wonder why there is evil, pain, strife etc.. This balance of good and evil had its course set after the Great Flood. All the examples before the Great Flood showed an imbalance of good and evil (much to the evil) prior to the flood. If all we had were pleasant events in our lives we could not comprehend good, pleasant, happy etc.. for lack of contrast. This applies to all the aspects of our lives. From the most basic contrast of night and day to the most complex of contrasts which are spiritual in nature.

The Age of Aquarius will eliminate the need for this "balance in contrast," for the most part anyway, and allow us to graduate to a higher plain of consciousness. The birthing pangs before the baby is born will complicate our lives in the short term however. As we've seen in the media as of late, its going to get bad before it gets worse. Yes we are pregnant and yes its due soon. Yes it'll be painful and YES, it will be hard to remember life without it (our new personal & collective consciousness.)

The scales of balance & contrast will tip toward a collective higher consciousness in what the ancient Hindu sages called The Golden Age. We are leaving what the ancients called the Iron Age. A very dense and materialistic age, the furthest away from our core. H.P. Blavatsky brought back this ancient Hindu knowledge to Europe and America in the 1890's and deemed this coming age The New Age. This is the Age Of Aquarius or The New Age or The Golden Age, it's all the same thing. In the weeks and months ahead I'll be sharing my educated intuition, of the on going global mechanics propelling us out of this balance of contrasts period we now inhabit and into the higher plain of consciousness where we belong.....As We Were.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Mayan 2012 Knowledge

The Mayan had a flash of insight 1700 years ago, a great epiphany, if you will. They developed their long count calender which started on August 13th 3114 B.C. and ended on December 21st 2012.

How did this happen? Why did this happen? Remember, the Maya did not yet have the wheel. What was going on in 3114 B.C. we could use to investigate this unusual flash of great insight into the future.

In 3114 B.C. the early stages of Stonehenge I were being astronomically aligned and set in place. In north Africa during this period is the start of the great Dynasty's of Egypt and Ra (the Sun God) brought the great knowledge to the Hierophants (Egyptian Priest.) In Mesopotamia during this period the cuneiform script was developed. In America the first maize cultivation was produced. In India (the earliest known civilization) what we now call the Hindu religion was being formed.

Individually these events would be considered a cultural revolution. Collectively its a paradigm shift. A world-wide epoch shift in consciousness.

This astrological long count calender of the Mayan began here, in 3114 B.C. The beginning of recorded history as we know it today. A quantum leap in our evolution.

The Mayan (or whomever gave these primitive people this knowledge) went back astrologically to 3114 B.C. and said, "This is the beginning of our age.". Then they counted astrologically through their long count calender to what we call December 21st 2012 and said, "That's the beginning of the next NEW AGE."

The difference in ages is profound. The last shift that has brought us to today was considered a minor shift astrologically speaking. On 12-21-2012 our solar system will be aligned at the winter solstice with the center of our solar system. This happens once every 25,800 years! The changes in consciousness both individually and collectively will be immense.

What will be the effects of this astrological alignment is any ones guess. We do know that the sun is supposed to have its most violent year ever in 2012. In 1892, telegraph wires around the world in various regions CAUGHT ON FIRE from the suns violent waves of solar energy. If we get that kind of energy coming our way in 2012, it could cause mass power outages. Our fleet of satellites would be cooked. Zero communication. In 1892 the Northern Lights could be seen in north Texas! That's just one of dozens of scenarios......

Everything is becoming "new and improved" heading into the Golden Age. Energy, communications, governments, housing, finance, religions, whole regions throughout the world. The Golden Age consciousness is here and growing stronger by the day. We're coming out from behind the veil.


Monday, January 19, 2009

Who & What Are We?

There's the story of the girl in the marching band. At one July 4th parade as her marching band arrived in front of the large crowd gathered on Main St, the girl spotted her mother in the crowd. The proud girl then yelled to her mother, "Look Mom, I'm the only one in step!"

Many of us have those moments in our life where we feel like we're the only ones in step. We all temporarily lose our identity from time to time or should I say the person we best identify with as "I."

There are some that identify themselves as the physical body (our lower nature.) Others identify themselves on a psychological level. Others believe they are the personality that others see on the exterior or our emotional self.

What we truly are, is the SELF that endures throughout all the changes of the body, personality, psychological and emotional fluctuations. These components are the tools we use during this period of what I like to call "God School." Our Spirit, our Higher Consciousness is what we will take away from this experience, on this plane.

Anything not Divine will die off or shed, leaving the eternal (infinite.) Motion will eventually stop. That applies to everything from the smallest molecular particle on earth, to the fusion on the face of the Sun, or any physical matter in the cosmos for that matter.

The Hindu word Atma is defined as consciousness without object. It's our consciousness without the distractions of our environment, thoughts, feelings, people, emotions etc... This is the point at which everything on this plane is blocked out and all your left with your pure, Divine Higher Self.

You might say that you've never experienced anything like that in your life, right? Have you ever woke-up from a deep sleep and forgot, for a split second, where your are or who you are? That's Atma, without any baggage what-so-ever.

Yoga and different meditation exercises are a pathway to the blocking out of all the distractions that keep us from finding our Higher Self. Add this Higher Self with the Nirvana (a condition of great bliss) and you have our next plane of purifying.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Great Breath

The Great Breath is the inhalation and exhalation of, The Source/God/Great Being/Almighty, take your choice. This process takes thousands of years. The Day and Night, or the Waking and Sleeping of the Source, was first understood by the Hindu's.

This Great Breath is one cycle or orbit, if you will, around our Milky Way Galaxy. Bringing us full circle and lining up our solar system once more with the center of our Galaxy. We now know that this process takes 26,000 years.

This is where I split from many others on this subject. I believe that the Great Breath, the Day and Night of Brahma of the Hindu's, is split into two 13,000 year periods. The Iron Age being our furthest point from the center of our Galaxy. Our Golden Age being the Nearest point to the center. Does this part matter in the least? Not to anyone but me, I can assure you of that. lol

The Age of Aquarius is the beginning of the Golden Age, a higher consciousness both individually and collectively. A Day of enlightenment that will make us forget the pangs of delivering this New Age we are receiving.

Has anyone watched the Obama inauguration coverage on TV? The speeches and the music and the spirit of oneness in D.C., wow! We ARE the ones we've been waiting for folks. The Sun (some say Son) is rising on a new Day, a New Age, the Golden Age.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Chance Happenings Of The Ancient World, Or Not?

In 2001 archaeologist were able to date the oldest known Pyramid in the world to right at 5021 years old. The unusual aspect of this finding was that this Pyramid complex was in Peru built by the Inca. It's believed that the oldest Egyptian Pyramids were not built for another 400 years. China's Great Pyramid southwest of Xi'an is dated to around 2000 B.C..

I can understand the concept of the Pyramid building knowledge and all that entails migrating regionally. From Peru to Central America to the Aztec's, from China to Cambodia etc..Its hard to fathom travel between Peru & Egypt in 3000 B.C. but it must have happened.

Building a Pyramid is not something we would do naturally to start a civilization, right? On Gilligans Island (lol stay with me) did the Professor get with the Skipper and Mary Ann (I had a huge crush on her then OK) and plan a Pyramid building party out of coconuts? Absolutely not... Yes, their main concern was to get off the Island but you know the Professor wanted to enlighten these knuckle heads at some point...Sorry, anyway you know what I mean. The Pyramids....Chance happening or not?

Now one of the great mysteries of all time is the Ouroboros. This is the snake biting (or swallowing) its tail. This snake biting its tail symbol is known as a symbol of regeneration, if you will. Both an end and a beginning. This Ouroboros symbol is etched on the walls of Pyramids in Egypt and in Central America. The Norse Myth told of this Ouroboros and the Chou Dynasty (1200 B.C.) left artifacts of the Ouroboros in the Kings tomb. Even the Aboriginal people of Australia had/have this sacred symbol. In Alchemy the Ouroboros symbolizes Purifying. Purifying is a very appropriate way to view this symbol.

The Mayan believed that when the "snake bites its tail," that we will have ran our 26,000 year cycle and our Sun will rise lining-up with the center of our Galaxy once again. We now know that the Mayan calculations were correct. Unusual is not the word I would use to describe the Mayans knowledge. The snake will bite its tail and purify us on 12-21-2012. This will be a period of world-wide growth & purifying for a higher consciousness, both as a people and individually. For those trying to hold on to their material world around them? Bad hair day for sure.

How did the Mayan calculate this great Truth of the Ages, when they had yet to discover the damn wheel? I personally don't believe they did. How did the Mayan calculate their calender which is over 100 times more accurate than the Gregorian calender we use today? Again, I don't believe they did. They didn't have the capacity to calculate the Great Truth of the Ages.

The foundation of Taoism was said to have come from Shen Zhou (Spirit Ships.)
Someone with these Great Truths travelled to Central America and taught the Mayan elders & priest these Great Truths OR was it total happenstance by the Mayan? Someone showed them the "pre-history" knowledge that was known before the last deluge/destruction, when the snake bit its tail, 26,000 years ago, the last Purifying. That's my take on how the Mayan had possession of this knowledge.

I've left out a large piece of this puzzle I'll now share with you. In the Maya writings they describe a feathered serpent named Quetzalcoatl that brought great knowledge to the Mayan people. The Egyptians also had the feathered serpent glyphs and similar stories as the Maya. The Phoenix, hawks and eagles have always represented intelligence in esoteric circles, since recorded history anyway. The serpent, represented as a snake or dragon (in Egypt it was the snake and/or the alligator) also represented intelligence.

One side bar.....In medieval times, during the Crusades in Europe, the wise men of the region would live in the forest, Merlin type figures. A man would leave the comforts of the village to find these wise men to obtain Truth. They would tell the children that they were leaving to "slay the dragon." Its been said they wanted to "eat the heart of the dragon." Gaining all the wise mans knowledge. After some period of time the knowledge seekers would receive all they had come for and returned back to the village in victory. Telling the children fables that pleased them. Anyway..........................

The Mayan would walk around with artificial wooden noses that made their noses seem larger, (strange but true.) Was this because the individual that exported knowledge to them around 1200 B.C. had a large nose? Many experts such as Jenkins and Daniel Pinchbeck believe so. The Peruvian people have big noses but they didn't have half the knowledge the Mayans had when the Spanish reached the shores of Central America. Who was this Quetzalcoatl the Feathered Serpent?

Sorry this post is all jumbled-up. I'm doing two things at once. Writing this post and making a new nose for Mary Ann, OK that last part wasn't true : )

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Plato's Cave

In the book The Republic, Plato tells the story of prisoners of war that were held captive in a cave for such a long period of time, they could not remember their lives before their captivity. These men were forced to face the back of the cave wall for decades, while a fire burned behind them for illumination. The only objects that the prisoners could ever see were the cave wall, their own shadows and the shadows of the beasts guarding them. This was both terrifying and paralyzing for the men.

One day, one of the men found the courage to look back at the fire and the beast guarding them. What he found were ordinary men guarding over them. The guards had cut-outs of monsters and projected the shadows to the back of the cave where the prisoners were held. This was the easiest and most effective way for the guards to control the prisoners.

The knowing prisoner found an opportunity to escape the cave and did so as soon as he could. When the free man stepped out the cave, he could not believe his eyes. The sun, that he now remembered, was much brighter than the cave fire. He smelled the flowers, remembering their scent from his youth. The free man watched as people went about their daily lives, remembering his life before captivity.

The free man was overwhelmed with the joy of remembering his former life, his real life. The free man wanted to free his fellow prisoners as soon as he could and planned his quest. The next day at an opportune time the free man made his way back to the cave. When he found the guards away from their posts, the free man sprang into action. Running to his fellow prisoners and telling them of everything he discovered to be real, both inside and outside the cave. He told his friends of the cut-out monsters that terrified them. About the sun outside the cave that was much brighter than the fire that illuminated the cave. The free man told his friends about all the wonderful things he had discovered again in his new found freedom.

After hearing everything the free man had to say, the prisoners showed disbelief, mockery, and hatred toward the free man. They thought, how could this man know better than they did? How dare the man pretend to know more than they did.

The free man left the prisoners in the cave and walked back out into his freedom.

In today's world, we are allowed to walk anywhere we want to inside the cave, its encouraged. The cut-out monsters are projected on every wall, floor and ceiling as well. Our scary shadows come from the same place that lights our cave. TV, Radio, Internet, Newspaper etc.. Once we free ourselves from the Maya (Illusion) we can walk back outside the cave and remember who we truly are, again. The first step for the free man was to recognize the Maya. The second step was to understand who he was not. The third step was to understand who he was, to "Know Thyself."

As far as us going back into the cave to save our fellow prisoners...the Illusion is slowly fading away. Many will cling onto, "the good old days." Cling onto the projections of shadows that were on their cave walls. Others will finally leave the cave and find a sun brighter than the cave fire and a SELF greater than they could have imagined.

Sunday, January 4, 2009


I read today where Yellowstone National Park has a super volcano in the middle of it?!! This super volcano has been having "swarm" earthquakes under it for the last week. That can't be good lol. The land in the Park has raised up inside this caldera. The caldera is 38 miles long and 18 miles wide. Look for more news in the coming months on this monster.

On 12-21-2012 our solar system will line-up with the center of our universe. This full cycle takes 26,000 years. Every 13,000 years, we are either the furthest away possible from the center of our Universe or the closest we could be to the center of our Universe. The closest to our center is the Golden Age. The union with The Source on our material plane. The furthest away is considered the Iron Age. The pinnacle of materialism, furthest away from The Source on our material plane. This is where we are now.

On 12-21-2012 we stop our outward trek away from the center and begin our trip back to The Golden Age, the center of our Universe. This ever so slight change in direction of our solar system must allow for a period of "re-adjustment" for the planets of our system. Gravitational pulls between the planets will not be in uniform and will cause destructive wobbles.

We could see fault lines reach to the depths of our earths core. This could splinter places such as California, Japan and the like. This extreme wobble of our earth could also cause places such as Yellowstone's super volcano and the volcano's of the Pacific Rim to erupt. We know from scientists and the USGS that this has happened many times before.

We also know that our poles have flipped and changed positions many times in the past. This has to do with the magnetic core of our earth and its disturbance from a collective of earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and massive wobbles. Its my opinion that this change in our polarity happens like clock-work every 13,000 years.

These massive earth wobbles could bring in ocean high tides that haven't been seen in recorded history. A change in polarity in correspondence with our moon could also bring massive coastal floods reaching hundreds of miles inland. Every organized religion has written on The Flood or The Deluge what have you. These stories pre-date the written word. Plato wrote about Atlantis and how this Continent sank to the bottom of the sea during a period of earthquakes and upheavals.

Will 12-21-2012 start the age of enlightenment?...... We are already well on our way. The illusion of our materialist society is being fractured as I write this. Consumerism is furthest away from the core, The Source, the center of our Universe, The Golden Age. We're going to learn about caring and sharing and about unconditional love. To be thankful for what we have. In a nutshell, a higher degree of consciousness both as a people and individually. Mucho importanto!

Will the world end?.....NO

Will we be set on the correct path as a people and individually?....Absolutely, without exception. However our birthing pains could be unprecedented.

Friday, January 2, 2009

"As Above So Below"

On our material plane we live within a hierarchical system. Meaning, for example, minerals help the grass grow, grass is consumed by the deer. The lion makes a meal out of the deer. Man is of course over the lion. Man is at the top of the hierarchy of all living things on this plane.

Within the subsets of, for example, a pack of wolves you find a system of hierarchy. The lead wolf or alpha wolf, if you will. This hierarchical law also applies with man. Every village in the world has a village elder or leader. This comes natural to us, its like a second nature to have this system and we don't give it a second thought .

From our universities to our local coffee shop. Cities and towns world-wide have this system of hierarchy. Even our blogcatalog site has us rate our top friends like it's high school, oh this system was in place there as well. From President Obama to a starving child in Ethiopia. The law of hierarchy is alive and well on this material plane.

We know that The Source, God Almighty, has Angels that help him help us. We also know that these Angels have a hierarchy as well with the top angel being Michael (Biblically speaking of course.)

Between the Angels hierarchy and The Source, there are Architects and Builders (for lack of a better description) etc. that carry out the commands/vision of God. This includes the infinite number of Universes out there.

Every couple of thousand of our years, a Master/Teacher comes to this plane to show us a better way to live and evolve spiritually. Once we overcome the obstacles of this material world and become an enlightened being (however you define that) we rise to a position above this material plane, never having to come back again if we choose.

The early Christians believed this. From the Ebonits to the Gnostic's. There were many books that were written by the early fathers of Christianity. Many of these books supported the Reincarnation of the soul. The Church in Rome wanted to consolidate their power and choose the content of THEIR followers. These books showing Reincarnation were not chosen as "scripture" by the Church in Rome. In fact, they were banned, forever. Unfortunately for the Church in Rome, some of these books survived the ravages of the Inquisition that officially started in the 13th century. Suppressing "heresy" and "heretics," the Church burned every book in every village that was not a part of this New Testament assembled by the them. If you were found with one of these non-sanctioned books, you were killed. It took the Church until the 16th century to finally extinguish the last of the sects that believed in Reincarnation. If the Church had allowed the belief of Reincarnation in their New Testament, it could/would have taken some power away from the Church (namely fear) and in turn Rome itself.

These Truths are being set free now, through many venues, throughout all organized Religions and peoples of our world. Slicing through all dogma's and perceived hierarchies of the institutions of organized Religion.

There Is No Religion Greater Than TRUTH