Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Secret Knowledge

From the Kabbalah of the Jews to the Surfis sect of Islam to the oldest know writings of the Hindu the Rig-Veda, from Christianity to Buddhism. All of these named have, to some extent or another, the Sacred & Secret Knowledge. The Egyptian Hierophants (Priest) made the Pyramids in the shape of a Triangle & Square for several important reasons. This is an example of the very basic building blocks of the knowledge of the ancients.

The Triangle=3 or Light (Spirit) or Male

The Square=4 or Life (Matter) or Female

Meaning 3+4=7 (Union)...Of course 3 (Spirit) + 4 (Matter) = 7 (Union a.k.a Life On This Plane)
The Pyramids were where the King & Queens children would be conceived & born. Also where Initiates would go through the rites of passage, being "Reborn" into a new consciousness. The Pyramids were also the burial grounds for the Royal family. The most important Unions in Egypt transpired in the Pyramids.

The Hermetic phrase of, "As Above So Below" is the best phrase to test any theory out on that one might have in Nature or The Heavens. The double equilateral Triangle (a.k.a. Star of David by the Jewish sect) is the symbol of the Hermetic phrase, "As Above So Below." Everyone from Hermes to Newton used it.

The number 6=Physical when someone tells you that 666 is the, "Mark of the Beast" you can do your own calculations. Three number sixes....... 3 (Spirit) + 6 (Physical Nature) = 9 (The Spirit of Physical Nature) i.e. selfishness, lust, greed, hate etc.. Our capitalist system (the one that just swallowed the world whole) was the Beast. Promoting this Illusion of greed, lust, hate AND THAT THIS IS GOOD FOR YOU etc.. Watch out for the Mark of the beast? The rest of the world not only took the Mark but they distributed it as well. Fought right beside it all the way and then asked "What just happened?" The Illusion is unwinding finally, and will continue to unwind until those that want to see through the Vail can. A higher consciousness or "Reborn." "Born Again" means something different in todays world.

To draw the Male line is a vertical stick (l) and to draw the Female line is (-) put the two together and you have the cross (+) representing, again, Male + Female = Union...Of course, it could also mean Male (Spirit) + Female (Matter) = Life (as we know it on this plane of consciousness.)

When it comes to The Source, we believe that God is eternal, infinite and without ceasing of course. Suns burn out, implode, explode etc.. The only constant we can understand for The Source to exist without ceasing is in Darkness & no Motion. Motion is finite as well is light. Motion is in everything within our material plan, by way of atoms at the least.

To be admitted to Socrates' school in 540 B.C. Greece, you not only had to know basic math, you also had to know the basics of Pythagorean geometry (only taught by Initiates at the time) with the understandings of their esoteric (secret knowledge) nature. Plato was taught by Socrates and Plato later taught Aristotle who later taught Alexander The Great. Most of the great minds of the ancients knew this knowledge. From Salon to Newton. Newton was an alchemist 'til his
death. Alchemy was not about turning metals into gold. Won't write on alchemy but to say that the name alchemy was changed to chemistry not long after the death of Newton. Newton had evolved his own math as well. Trigonometry was known to Newton alone for 12 years until he decided it was time to share it with the world.

The Sacred Knowledge is being Reborn at this time for the purpose of changing us into a higher consciousness for the New Age ahead.

"There Is No Religion Greater Than Truth"

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Illusion

Wow, it's now becoming fashionable in London for women to swap clothing with each other in a "Swap Shop" type of event. The ladies say they enjoy discarding clothing they no longer wear and finding something else they will wear. This is a very sensible trend in financial times such as these, and a very dangerous trend for the illusion weaving corporations that depend on this consumerism on steroids they've created. Could bartering soon come to ebay? I read recently where retail outlets were filing chapter 11 & 7 & several malls in the rust belt will shut their doors in 09'. Oh what a tangled web we weave...

This Maya (Illusion) that we've been sealed in for centuries is thinning more by the month, allowing for us as individuals to see a possibility of a New World. Change into the unknown is always a proposition of apprehension. We're being pushed into the pool by a force much larger than us. Once the shock of hitting the water is over, we'll realize that we have been baptized into the New Age.

The corporate media is holding on for dear life:

Paulson says U.S. housing sector ‘at or near bottom’”-MarketWatch, April 20, 2007
“On the path to a housing rebound”-Fortune, June 25, 2008
“Home prices may be near bottom”-Ventura County Star, November 26, 2008

ITS NOT ABOUT COUNTRIES & CORPORATIONS!!!....This is all about the personal growth of individuals. We should think of our life here as being in God School. To make a diamond it takes the right material (Matter) and pressure plus millions of years.

This is not a "something is wrong" thing. Its a "something is right" thing. Is the sky falling into a New Day for us? Yes.. When you hear the corporate media tell you to maintain your equity exposure in our stock markets in a time of THEIR meltdown? SOMETHINGS WRONG WITH THAT! When the President tells us to go shopping after 911? SOMETHINGS WRONG WITH THAT! If your girlfriend has a penis? SOMETHING I'd like to forget : O sorry, Freudian...

The Christians like to say (as they band together in their mega churches usually within two miles away from hungry children) "Look up for your redemption draws near." Redemption in this case literally means, "to deliver from sin. " Hmm they might want to rethink their verbiage at some point....

Saturday, December 27, 2008

The Esoteric Keys

Come to this post with an open mind. I'm going to "flip the script", if you will, on some of your understandings beneath your historical perspective. The major religions throughout the world (Jewish, Christian, Islam, Hindu, Buddhism) have an esoteric (intended for or understood by the few) side.
Take the key that states, "A day in the life of God is like a thousand years." Now lets take Noah for an example. Noah was not a person but a people (plural). "And Noah was six hundred years old when the flood of waters was upon the earth." -Genessis 7:6.....Noah, our primitive forefathers, had been on the earth six hundred thousand years before the Great Deluge. Obviously the Noah story isn't about one guy and his family building a boat and loading it up with all the animals two by two etc.. When you read the tedious, "And Mizraim begat Ludim. and Anamin, and Lehabim, and Naphtuhim" etc etc. Each of these names are a historical group of people. You'd definitely want the OCD guy keeping up with the history of your tribe : ) This is one small example of an esoteric understanding of the works of the Masters. The Christians in their New Testament have keys as well. One example is the fish. This was a pagan symbol originally and later Incorporated into many other beliefs. Inman says: "The Jews were led to victory by the Son of the Fish whose other names were Joshua and Jesus (the Savior)". Among early Christians three fishes were used to symbolize the Trinity, and the fish is also one of the sacred symbols of the great Buddha. Its also important to note that the dolphin was sacred to both Apollo (the Sun Savior) and Neptune. The first advocates of Christianity likened converts to fishes, who at the time of baptism "returned again into the sea of Christ." When you see the word fish, understand the corresponding message that fits into the puzzle. The Hindu Redeemer, Vishnu was expelled from the mouth of a fish (sound familiar?) in his first incarnation. Its interesting that the word Nun means both fish and growth....The words water and spirit are interchangeable, Christ didn't "walk on water" as one would interpret the passage without this small key. Light & Truth are interchangeable keys as well. MASTERS throughout thousands of years have painted a MASTERPIECE that many have observed............

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Tickle Me More Priestess!

In the Thomas Taylor 1792 translated version of The Hymns Of Orpheus
the unknown author writes:

Daughter of Saturn, venerable dame,
The feast containing of unweary'd flame;
In sacred rites these ministers are thine,
Mystics much-blessed, holy, and divine.
In thee, the Gods have fix'd their dwelling place,
Strong, stable basis of the mortal race:
Eternal, much-form'd, ever florid queen,
Laughing and blessed, and of lovely mien;
Accept these rites, accord each just desire,
And gentle health, and needful good inspire.


In Plato's The Republic, we find Proclus observes, that we should interpret
the laughter of the Gods as an exuberant operation in the universe. Homer justly
calls the laughter of the Gods "Inextinguishable" and adds that the fables do not
represent the Gods as always weeping, but affirms that they laugh without ceasing.
Its been said that Horace and Aristophanes considered The Hymns of Orpheus
vital to their civilization and indistinguishable from the Pythagorean Philosophy.
Mahatma Gandhi had a great sense of humor they say. Socrates would
take his students around town and get into one of his famous Q&A sessions with a
politician or wealthy merchant etc. and always make a total ass out of the poor guy.
Now, you know a lot of laughing was going on before, during and after this train wreck!
Now and again we need to remember to laugh and have fun here, while we're here.
Laugh, either by a mystic ritual concoction (wow that sounds fun) or a movie or maybe
have your partner tickle you while watching a movie AND drinking a mystic ritual
concoction! Hmm