Saturday, December 27, 2008

The Esoteric Keys

Come to this post with an open mind. I'm going to "flip the script", if you will, on some of your understandings beneath your historical perspective. The major religions throughout the world (Jewish, Christian, Islam, Hindu, Buddhism) have an esoteric (intended for or understood by the few) side.
Take the key that states, "A day in the life of God is like a thousand years." Now lets take Noah for an example. Noah was not a person but a people (plural). "And Noah was six hundred years old when the flood of waters was upon the earth." -Genessis 7:6.....Noah, our primitive forefathers, had been on the earth six hundred thousand years before the Great Deluge. Obviously the Noah story isn't about one guy and his family building a boat and loading it up with all the animals two by two etc.. When you read the tedious, "And Mizraim begat Ludim. and Anamin, and Lehabim, and Naphtuhim" etc etc. Each of these names are a historical group of people. You'd definitely want the OCD guy keeping up with the history of your tribe : ) This is one small example of an esoteric understanding of the works of the Masters. The Christians in their New Testament have keys as well. One example is the fish. This was a pagan symbol originally and later Incorporated into many other beliefs. Inman says: "The Jews were led to victory by the Son of the Fish whose other names were Joshua and Jesus (the Savior)". Among early Christians three fishes were used to symbolize the Trinity, and the fish is also one of the sacred symbols of the great Buddha. Its also important to note that the dolphin was sacred to both Apollo (the Sun Savior) and Neptune. The first advocates of Christianity likened converts to fishes, who at the time of baptism "returned again into the sea of Christ." When you see the word fish, understand the corresponding message that fits into the puzzle. The Hindu Redeemer, Vishnu was expelled from the mouth of a fish (sound familiar?) in his first incarnation. Its interesting that the word Nun means both fish and growth....The words water and spirit are interchangeable, Christ didn't "walk on water" as one would interpret the passage without this small key. Light & Truth are interchangeable keys as well. MASTERS throughout thousands of years have painted a MASTERPIECE that many have observed............


  1. These are some very interesting ideas. I'd love to hear more about your theory that the character of Noah represents a group of people rather than one.

  2. Well, lets go even further back. Spirit is the first differentation of (and in) Space; and Matter the first differentation of Spirit.
    Thus wherever you have an atom of Matter, a particle or a molecule even in its most gaseous state, there is life in it, however unresponsive and unconscious.
    When this single molecule split & became two is the esoteric story of Adam (a.k.a. Atom by the way) and Eve. The ancient Masters understood nature in its macro and micro state. By studying the end result of nature they understood its beginning within the egg. This process was incorporated into Alchemy which of course was later renamed Chemistry. This boiled down version I've tried to lay out leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I'll write a more in-depth piece at some point soon. Goodnight...Im becoming an insomniac! : )

  3. So is the point here that fish is used as a symbol only because humans need to be united with Source like fish with the sea? Hm? I made a painting called In the Realm of the Fishes once and to me they represent the lower forms of life... not really where we want to be!


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