Friday, February 6, 2009

Spiritual Alchemy

We know that the iron core of our earth vibrates at 40 hertz (40 pulses per second.) Our earths crust has a different vibrational speed at around 7.5 hertz. When we are at the height of our brain activity we record roughly 40 hertz and a 7.5 hertz low brain activity. This draws a direct correlation between the earths core environment at its height and our brain activity at its height. Also the earths outer crust environment pulse rate and our low end brain function.

The Maya called the earths iron core "The World Mountain," as they considered our core to be uneven and what we would consider today as fractal. Veins of our earths core rising up in irregular patterns. This is just another example of our science catching-up with these primitive peoples long held knowledge from...well we don't know that yet. I don't want to digress into Maya worship, but when you talk of the possibility of a future world-wide higher consciousness you can't get away from the Mayan astrology, mathematics and various ages.

The Hindu, Mayan, Egyptian Heirophants and several other ancient belief systems excepted world cycles as a given. The Hindu did not subscribe to an "End." They believed in our spiritual advancement, both personally and collectively. There is zero proof of the Maya believing in an end of the world as well. I agree with this sentiment. The Maya went back 16.4 billion years and ended their nine separate ages in "The Great Year." Each of the nine ages (starting 16.4 billion years ago) are 20 times shorter than the previous age. A condensing of time through the various ages. This doesn't change our clocks by any means. This deals with intelligence and consciousness. How much has your world changed from 1989 to 2009?

This condensing of time and the 2012 culmination of a higher consciousness was also shared by Terence McKenna. In the 1970's McKenna and his brother Dennis came up with the Timewave Zero theory decades before the Maya calender was the least bit understood. This Timewave Zero theory showed the ebb & flow of history and a culmination of an "event" in 2012.

I should disclose that I considered the McKenna brothers to be eccentric geniuses that dabbled in entheogenic experiences (mushrooms mostly) that apparently pushed them to the outer limits of our brains abilities. A nuclear physicist named John Sheliak has since found a small error in the math and reformulated the massive equation that actually strengthened the brothers theoretical Timewave Zero. Its now called Timewave One and the website is

The Hopi Indians call the beginning of this New Age (my words) the "Day of Purification," that will bring cosmic & seismic chaos. Strangely enough, Purification was the main underlying process for the Alchemist. We are in a walking, talking, spiritual Alchemical process of Purification. There are times when the process of Purification takes several times to get the desired outcome. At other times its, one and done. For us to Purify almost anything on this material plane, the process will involve water or fire or both. Remember the Hermetic phrase, "As Above So Below."

In a 1991 article in Bioelectrmagnetics Magazine called, "The Solar Wind and Hallucinations," Walter and Steffani Randall wrote of the breakthrough research showing the possible influences on our pineal gland and melatonin production during increased GMF (geomagnetic field) periods. The strength of our earths magnetic field is directly tied to the earths core and the interplay between layers up to our crust.
Our GMF is a magnetic shield protecting us against solar storms & radiation exposure. Our GMF has lost 7% of its strength in the last 100 years (as of 1999) and our true north pole is migrating 40 miles per year west, toward Siberia.
We know that our poles have flipped many times before. Some scientist believe our earths GMF is getting ready for another pole flip soon. The last pole flip was over 600,000 years ago...thats a good thing! Scientist in this field say we're due for another pole flip soon.....that's a bad thing ha! An event such as this would be a global near-death experience of fire & water that would purify the least worthy garment among us no doubt.


  1. Good thought provoking post. I'm not familiar with some of the information you mention. I guess I'll be doing some research this weekend :)

    Thank you for sharing. Have a good weekend

  2. I don't know that much about the poles flipping so I won't comment on that. This is very interesting information that I really need to think about.

    I have a post on my blog about what the elders of the Hopi tribe had to say about our time, you may like to read it. You can find it in my most recent post, you will have to click on read more to find it. Thank you for sharing this.

    Love and Blessings,

  3. I've read about this pole flipping phenomenon and it's really a global disaster. The last pole flip was over 600,000 years ago? That's really bad news. I also read from ( that according to statistical data, an asteroid of one-kilometer or larger strikes Earth every 600,000 years. Now that's a "double" bad news! Impacts of asteroids bigger than 1 kilometer are thought to be capable of causing long-term climate damage on a global scale.

  4. What's your take on the 11:11 thing that is associated with 2012? I see the 11's everywhere! BTW, great blog! ..very interesting. SinuousScribe


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