Sunday, January 25, 2009

As We Were

As we reach the Aquarian Age of human spiritual evolution/revolution, we should keep in mind that the vibratory frenetic pace of this change will shake some off balance. Our last documented case of massive global change that put us where we are today is the story of The Great Flood which is expressed in the Bible as Noah & by the Platonist as the story of Atlantis. The Hindu Noah was named Vaiswasvata and the Babylonians held the belief of the Great Flood "and all
flesh died", except for Xisuthrus (their Noah). From the Mayans to the Polynesian islanders.

This globally documented historic event allowed us to evolve into who we are today, warts and all. From the Third World dictator to the silent Buddhist monk. From the devastation of New Orleans by Hurricane Katrina to a much needed rain in west Texas. Many wonder why there is evil, pain, strife etc.. This balance of good and evil had its course set after the Great Flood. All the examples before the Great Flood showed an imbalance of good and evil (much to the evil) prior to the flood. If all we had were pleasant events in our lives we could not comprehend good, pleasant, happy etc.. for lack of contrast. This applies to all the aspects of our lives. From the most basic contrast of night and day to the most complex of contrasts which are spiritual in nature.

The Age of Aquarius will eliminate the need for this "balance in contrast," for the most part anyway, and allow us to graduate to a higher plain of consciousness. The birthing pangs before the baby is born will complicate our lives in the short term however. As we've seen in the media as of late, its going to get bad before it gets worse. Yes we are pregnant and yes its due soon. Yes it'll be painful and YES, it will be hard to remember life without it (our new personal & collective consciousness.)

The scales of balance & contrast will tip toward a collective higher consciousness in what the ancient Hindu sages called The Golden Age. We are leaving what the ancients called the Iron Age. A very dense and materialistic age, the furthest away from our core. H.P. Blavatsky brought back this ancient Hindu knowledge to Europe and America in the 1890's and deemed this coming age The New Age. This is the Age Of Aquarius or The New Age or The Golden Age, it's all the same thing. In the weeks and months ahead I'll be sharing my educated intuition, of the on going global mechanics propelling us out of this balance of contrasts period we now inhabit and into the higher plain of consciousness where we belong.....As We Were.


  1. Serendipity?
    Or just "great minds think alike"?
    You be the judge :)

  2. I loved reading this. I'm feeling all of it ... pain through growth. Thanx for the enlightenment.

  3. Excellent Blog…Your views of life, self and the process we go through to find the true self-are very much like my own. From your blog, I quote from the entry of January 19, 2009, “What we truly are, is the SELF that endures throughout all the changes of the body, personality, psychological and emotional fluctuations. These components are the tools we use during this period of what I like to call "God School." Our Spirit, our Higher Consciousness is what we will take away from this experience on this plane”. I found you entries to be well written and profound. I will enjoy reading future writings on this level and subject.

  4. Greetings friend. It is nice to know others are aware of this transition into a higher consciousness, and know the changes taking place are part of that shift. I have had this wisdom since a child, living in this physical plane. I have always gone into my inner self so to speak, as I feel it is a natural means of awareness, through connective means. I like how you link the history to the present within your unique expression. It is clearly linked.

  5. Thank you Ana, I feel your strong Higher Self. If you ever want to use my writings from my website, for whatever reason, feel free my friend.

    Beau Hermes

  6. Nice blog on life, intuition and truth


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