Friday, January 2, 2009

"As Above So Below"

On our material plane we live within a hierarchical system. Meaning, for example, minerals help the grass grow, grass is consumed by the deer. The lion makes a meal out of the deer. Man is of course over the lion. Man is at the top of the hierarchy of all living things on this plane.

Within the subsets of, for example, a pack of wolves you find a system of hierarchy. The lead wolf or alpha wolf, if you will. This hierarchical law also applies with man. Every village in the world has a village elder or leader. This comes natural to us, its like a second nature to have this system and we don't give it a second thought .

From our universities to our local coffee shop. Cities and towns world-wide have this system of hierarchy. Even our blogcatalog site has us rate our top friends like it's high school, oh this system was in place there as well. From President Obama to a starving child in Ethiopia. The law of hierarchy is alive and well on this material plane.

We know that The Source, God Almighty, has Angels that help him help us. We also know that these Angels have a hierarchy as well with the top angel being Michael (Biblically speaking of course.)

Between the Angels hierarchy and The Source, there are Architects and Builders (for lack of a better description) etc. that carry out the commands/vision of God. This includes the infinite number of Universes out there.

Every couple of thousand of our years, a Master/Teacher comes to this plane to show us a better way to live and evolve spiritually. Once we overcome the obstacles of this material world and become an enlightened being (however you define that) we rise to a position above this material plane, never having to come back again if we choose.

The early Christians believed this. From the Ebonits to the Gnostic's. There were many books that were written by the early fathers of Christianity. Many of these books supported the Reincarnation of the soul. The Church in Rome wanted to consolidate their power and choose the content of THEIR followers. These books showing Reincarnation were not chosen as "scripture" by the Church in Rome. In fact, they were banned, forever. Unfortunately for the Church in Rome, some of these books survived the ravages of the Inquisition that officially started in the 13th century. Suppressing "heresy" and "heretics," the Church burned every book in every village that was not a part of this New Testament assembled by the them. If you were found with one of these non-sanctioned books, you were killed. It took the Church until the 16th century to finally extinguish the last of the sects that believed in Reincarnation. If the Church had allowed the belief of Reincarnation in their New Testament, it could/would have taken some power away from the Church (namely fear) and in turn Rome itself.

These Truths are being set free now, through many venues, throughout all organized Religions and peoples of our world. Slicing through all dogma's and perceived hierarchies of the institutions of organized Religion.

There Is No Religion Greater Than TRUTH

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