Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Chance Happenings Of The Ancient World, Or Not?

In 2001 archaeologist were able to date the oldest known Pyramid in the world to right at 5021 years old. The unusual aspect of this finding was that this Pyramid complex was in Peru built by the Inca. It's believed that the oldest Egyptian Pyramids were not built for another 400 years. China's Great Pyramid southwest of Xi'an is dated to around 2000 B.C..

I can understand the concept of the Pyramid building knowledge and all that entails migrating regionally. From Peru to Central America to the Aztec's, from China to Cambodia etc..Its hard to fathom travel between Peru & Egypt in 3000 B.C. but it must have happened.

Building a Pyramid is not something we would do naturally to start a civilization, right? On Gilligans Island (lol stay with me) did the Professor get with the Skipper and Mary Ann (I had a huge crush on her then OK) and plan a Pyramid building party out of coconuts? Absolutely not... Yes, their main concern was to get off the Island but you know the Professor wanted to enlighten these knuckle heads at some point...Sorry, anyway you know what I mean. The Pyramids....Chance happening or not?

Now one of the great mysteries of all time is the Ouroboros. This is the snake biting (or swallowing) its tail. This snake biting its tail symbol is known as a symbol of regeneration, if you will. Both an end and a beginning. This Ouroboros symbol is etched on the walls of Pyramids in Egypt and in Central America. The Norse Myth told of this Ouroboros and the Chou Dynasty (1200 B.C.) left artifacts of the Ouroboros in the Kings tomb. Even the Aboriginal people of Australia had/have this sacred symbol. In Alchemy the Ouroboros symbolizes Purifying. Purifying is a very appropriate way to view this symbol.

The Mayan believed that when the "snake bites its tail," that we will have ran our 26,000 year cycle and our Sun will rise lining-up with the center of our Galaxy once again. We now know that the Mayan calculations were correct. Unusual is not the word I would use to describe the Mayans knowledge. The snake will bite its tail and purify us on 12-21-2012. This will be a period of world-wide growth & purifying for a higher consciousness, both as a people and individually. For those trying to hold on to their material world around them? Bad hair day for sure.

How did the Mayan calculate this great Truth of the Ages, when they had yet to discover the damn wheel? I personally don't believe they did. How did the Mayan calculate their calender which is over 100 times more accurate than the Gregorian calender we use today? Again, I don't believe they did. They didn't have the capacity to calculate the Great Truth of the Ages.

The foundation of Taoism was said to have come from Shen Zhou (Spirit Ships.)
Someone with these Great Truths travelled to Central America and taught the Mayan elders & priest these Great Truths OR was it total happenstance by the Mayan? Someone showed them the "pre-history" knowledge that was known before the last deluge/destruction, when the snake bit its tail, 26,000 years ago, the last Purifying. That's my take on how the Mayan had possession of this knowledge.

I've left out a large piece of this puzzle I'll now share with you. In the Maya writings they describe a feathered serpent named Quetzalcoatl that brought great knowledge to the Mayan people. The Egyptians also had the feathered serpent glyphs and similar stories as the Maya. The Phoenix, hawks and eagles have always represented intelligence in esoteric circles, since recorded history anyway. The serpent, represented as a snake or dragon (in Egypt it was the snake and/or the alligator) also represented intelligence.

One side bar.....In medieval times, during the Crusades in Europe, the wise men of the region would live in the forest, Merlin type figures. A man would leave the comforts of the village to find these wise men to obtain Truth. They would tell the children that they were leaving to "slay the dragon." Its been said they wanted to "eat the heart of the dragon." Gaining all the wise mans knowledge. After some period of time the knowledge seekers would receive all they had come for and returned back to the village in victory. Telling the children fables that pleased them. Anyway..........................

The Mayan would walk around with artificial wooden noses that made their noses seem larger, (strange but true.) Was this because the individual that exported knowledge to them around 1200 B.C. had a large nose? Many experts such as Jenkins and Daniel Pinchbeck believe so. The Peruvian people have big noses but they didn't have half the knowledge the Mayans had when the Spanish reached the shores of Central America. Who was this Quetzalcoatl the Feathered Serpent?

Sorry this post is all jumbled-up. I'm doing two things at once. Writing this post and making a new nose for Mary Ann, OK that last part wasn't true : )


  1. I'm so excited for 2012! Even if it is the end of the world (as we know it) the Light shines all the brighter in great darkness...

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  3. This post reminds me of a programme I watched about the Sumerians. How did they know the apparent colour of the planets we cannot see with the naked eye? Why did they count the planets in our solar system from the outside in towards the sun? There is so much we don't know yet so many clues which suggest that perhaps someone came from somewhere else...


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