Sunday, January 4, 2009


I read today where Yellowstone National Park has a super volcano in the middle of it?!! This super volcano has been having "swarm" earthquakes under it for the last week. That can't be good lol. The land in the Park has raised up inside this caldera. The caldera is 38 miles long and 18 miles wide. Look for more news in the coming months on this monster.

On 12-21-2012 our solar system will line-up with the center of our universe. This full cycle takes 26,000 years. Every 13,000 years, we are either the furthest away possible from the center of our Universe or the closest we could be to the center of our Universe. The closest to our center is the Golden Age. The union with The Source on our material plane. The furthest away is considered the Iron Age. The pinnacle of materialism, furthest away from The Source on our material plane. This is where we are now.

On 12-21-2012 we stop our outward trek away from the center and begin our trip back to The Golden Age, the center of our Universe. This ever so slight change in direction of our solar system must allow for a period of "re-adjustment" for the planets of our system. Gravitational pulls between the planets will not be in uniform and will cause destructive wobbles.

We could see fault lines reach to the depths of our earths core. This could splinter places such as California, Japan and the like. This extreme wobble of our earth could also cause places such as Yellowstone's super volcano and the volcano's of the Pacific Rim to erupt. We know from scientists and the USGS that this has happened many times before.

We also know that our poles have flipped and changed positions many times in the past. This has to do with the magnetic core of our earth and its disturbance from a collective of earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and massive wobbles. Its my opinion that this change in our polarity happens like clock-work every 13,000 years.

These massive earth wobbles could bring in ocean high tides that haven't been seen in recorded history. A change in polarity in correspondence with our moon could also bring massive coastal floods reaching hundreds of miles inland. Every organized religion has written on The Flood or The Deluge what have you. These stories pre-date the written word. Plato wrote about Atlantis and how this Continent sank to the bottom of the sea during a period of earthquakes and upheavals.

Will 12-21-2012 start the age of enlightenment?...... We are already well on our way. The illusion of our materialist society is being fractured as I write this. Consumerism is furthest away from the core, The Source, the center of our Universe, The Golden Age. We're going to learn about caring and sharing and about unconditional love. To be thankful for what we have. In a nutshell, a higher degree of consciousness both as a people and individually. Mucho importanto!

Will the world end?.....NO

Will we be set on the correct path as a people and individually?....Absolutely, without exception. However our birthing pains could be unprecedented.

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  1. I too have similar opinions as you. I do believe everything happens in cycles, or rotation [clockwork as you said]. Including the Earth.
    I don't believe the end of the world is near,
    but I think the poles will switch. Whats to come of it? I'm not sure.

    I recently created a 2012 blog, check it out if you want :
    keep in mind, it's new. Haha.


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