Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Mayan 2012 Knowledge

The Mayan had a flash of insight 1700 years ago, a great epiphany, if you will. They developed their long count calender which started on August 13th 3114 B.C. and ended on December 21st 2012.

How did this happen? Why did this happen? Remember, the Maya did not yet have the wheel. What was going on in 3114 B.C. we could use to investigate this unusual flash of great insight into the future.

In 3114 B.C. the early stages of Stonehenge I were being astronomically aligned and set in place. In north Africa during this period is the start of the great Dynasty's of Egypt and Ra (the Sun God) brought the great knowledge to the Hierophants (Egyptian Priest.) In Mesopotamia during this period the cuneiform script was developed. In America the first maize cultivation was produced. In India (the earliest known civilization) what we now call the Hindu religion was being formed.

Individually these events would be considered a cultural revolution. Collectively its a paradigm shift. A world-wide epoch shift in consciousness.

This astrological long count calender of the Mayan began here, in 3114 B.C. The beginning of recorded history as we know it today. A quantum leap in our evolution.

The Mayan (or whomever gave these primitive people this knowledge) went back astrologically to 3114 B.C. and said, "This is the beginning of our age.". Then they counted astrologically through their long count calender to what we call December 21st 2012 and said, "That's the beginning of the next NEW AGE."

The difference in ages is profound. The last shift that has brought us to today was considered a minor shift astrologically speaking. On 12-21-2012 our solar system will be aligned at the winter solstice with the center of our solar system. This happens once every 25,800 years! The changes in consciousness both individually and collectively will be immense.

What will be the effects of this astrological alignment is any ones guess. We do know that the sun is supposed to have its most violent year ever in 2012. In 1892, telegraph wires around the world in various regions CAUGHT ON FIRE from the suns violent waves of solar energy. If we get that kind of energy coming our way in 2012, it could cause mass power outages. Our fleet of satellites would be cooked. Zero communication. In 1892 the Northern Lights could be seen in north Texas! That's just one of dozens of scenarios......

Everything is becoming "new and improved" heading into the Golden Age. Energy, communications, governments, housing, finance, religions, whole regions throughout the world. The Golden Age consciousness is here and growing stronger by the day. We're coming out from behind the veil.



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  2. So exciting. Scary, but in a good way!

  3. I am very curious to have a discussion about the TYPES of consciousness changes we can expect.

    I find this point vague in so many 2012 discussions.

    You seem so schooled in the subject. If you do a post on the actual effects on mind this event will have please ping me, I'd like to read that.


  4. Maybe it will be a true Harmonic Convergence. LOL

    I had no idea about the Harmonic Convergence. We just happened to be on Maui. We drove to the top of Haleakala and started seeing long haired people, shamans, spiritualists, Wiccans, you name it. I turned to my friend and said, "OMG, this is where all the hippies of the 60s went!"

    Later, we figured out what had happened. Evidently, the HC did not work as we then entered the Earth's darkest decades.


    On August 16-17 1987, a conjunction called the * Harmonic Convergence * occurred that consisted of a number of planets in Leo that trined Jupiter in Aries, and also trined Saturn and Uranus in Sagittarius. This event was supposed to bring in a spiritual awakening in human nature and to release the spirit of Mother Earth as we converged harmonically in a major unification of souls with purpose on this planet.

  5. I have known about the Mayan calender for many years but I didn't know about the planets and the sun. I think we are going through of the economic and other world problems because this tremendous shift is coming. It is the only way people will change. We need to move away from material worship to spiritual insight. I have always wondered how it would happen and I think this is the only way it will.

    Love and Blessings,

  6. I was thoroughly entertained by the post. It brings up very valid concerns that I am sure many people are having on what is going to happen on the day the mayan long count calendar ends. I myself see it as a shift in consciousness. A new way of thought possibly? Anyhow I like this book called "the 100th human" it has a different perspective on what will happen on december 21st 2012. I think I got my copy from but I think you can get it from amazon as well. it was a good read.


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